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That was in the years when AL-BADER Plastic Industries Co., the mother company was established. It was the first Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where the national industries drive in polycthylene, which is world wide approved for storage if Water, Food stuff, Drugs and etc… such as Acids and various fuels as diesel.


Containers are designed in various capacities and colors, starting 125 liters..until 30 M3 , shapes are varied for oval, spherical and standing are approved by the royal Scientific Society under Standard no. 6960. Where the containers manufactured in black color, preventing contents from light and sun shine in addition to ruet seaweed and focus.


Containers are designed of one piece making no way for leaks. The company is active in contentious technical researches and experiments to produce 100% sanitary containers, of smooth inside, with heat isolation layer to maintain the natural qualities and of Water or Food Stuff.


Al-Fakher production is of high quality, containers are provided sealed covers and brass of plastic nipples according to customer's request, whose and being gained a trust in our continuous distinguish and renovations, In addition, the company provide a free guaranty for 7 years during which field free inspection and maintenance are done, and faulty cases investigated and determined whither technical or industrial.


Al-Fakher container qualities are :
1- Container is lightweight, casy handled, strengths with exterior belts.
2- Containers are of easy installation and cleaning.
3- Containers are suitable for Irrigation purposes, Agricultures and Poultry breeding establishments.
4- Containers are suitable for rainwater storage, whither it was ground or underground.


Al-Bader and Al-Fakher drive of success are continuous on national level and abroad , for we our products are of high demand and acceptance in Iraq. Palestine , Saudi Arabia , and Syria…….

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