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Why Al Bader Tank

  • It has high anti power so its proposed age reaches more than 30 years.
  • No entry of harmful industrial leaf or chemicals materials so it is healthy.
  • Manufactured from polyethylene which allowed universally for food and water cans product.
  • The entire tank body soft and slight so no possibility to fungicide and bacteria grow inside.
  • Manufactured one piece so no possibility of future defects
  • Supplied with perfect closed cover to prevent dust and sand to enter inside the tank and the Drainage hole in the bottom from brass Stopper.
  • Available with different sizes and volumes.
  • Proper to store different kinds of liquid such as (chemicals, water drink, pickles, juices …etc.
  • Guaranteed 7 years.
  • Controlled under the British descriptions No. (6920) which accepted royal scientific society.
  • We can produce any kind of color inside or outside tank upon quantity.


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